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P2 Tabletent or Mobile

P2ric provides a (color or black&white) tabletent in an editable 8"x14" Word document that you can use to promote, celebrate, or educate about the Waste Management Hierarchy.

If you prefer the traditional format of the Waste Mangement Hierarchy, P2ric also provides a color version of the inverted pyramid that can be used as a mobile.

You can put the name and logo of your program or agency on the pyramid and add text to each side to suit your special occasion. For example, you could use the tent or mobile to publicize meetings, list your successes, enhance a table display, or provide contact information on your project. We recommend reading the following instructions on how to personalize the pyramid.

1. Download either the "color" or "black&white" table tent (or color mobile) from the P2 Tools Page.

2. From the Microsoft Word document, select "Picture" from the "Insert" menu. Then, choose "From File".

3. From your files, choose the one that you wish to insert into the table tent. Then click on the "Insert" option from that window.

4. At this point, your selection will be in the far lower left corner of the P2 Pyramid page, although it might not be visible. Place your cursor on this object, or in the far lower left corner of the page, and left-click on this area. Place the cursor inside the box that now surrounds the object to be inserted onto the pyramid, and right-click inside the box.

5. From the menu of options that appears, choose "Format Picture," then choose "Position Page" from the window of options.

6. From the Position Page, check the "Float over text" box, then choose "Okay".

7. The object that you have selected to insert into the pyramid should be fully visible in the lower left corner, and you should be able to move the object and adjust its size.

You can also print these instructions from MS Word.

Get creative, and let us know of other ways it helped your efforts! If there is anything else you need to help your promotional efforts, send us a note, and we'll try to help.

P2RIC is a member of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange, a national network of regional information centers: NEWMOA (northeast), ESRC (southeast), GLRPPR (Great Lakes), ZeroWasteNet (southwest), P2RIC (plains), Peaks to Prairies (mountain), WSPPN (Pacific southwest), PPRC (northwest).
The Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) operates the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center.
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