The 9 best Among Us games!

Do you like Among Us and want other “imposter game” type games? We’ve separated 9 of the best games for those who want to feel the adrenaline of surviving or eliminating other players’ intense environments full of emotion!

best PS3 games

Project Winter

  • Platform: PC
  • Release: 2019

Project Winter is one of the best among us games for those who like to find a killer in the middle of the group. You are in an open place, in the middle of the snow, with other companions. One of them is the killer. The Assassin’s mission is to eliminate everyone else before being discovered. The others… must walk together and find out who the imposter is!

The cool thing about Project Winter is that survivors can also die of cold, starvation, or killed by some creature while trying to escape danger.

best PS Vita games

town of salem

  • Platform: PC
  • Release: 2014

In the Town of Salem, between 7 and 15 people play. Each has a role in the city, among 48 different functions. Since players are divided into citizens, mobsters, and neutrals. Every night someone will be executed, and it may not always be the bad person.

That’s why the game, which has a beautiful cycle of day and night, requires a lot of analysis and patience from players to understand who or who the great villains of the city are.

MOBA Games

Unfortunate Spacemen

  • Platform: PC
  • Release: 2016

You are trapped in a lookout post away from everything. One of his companions is a monster, who controls whoever he wants and kills at will. Or he reveals himself in his real form and chases everyone through dark tunnels. It’s tense, reminding a lot of Alien: Isolation, with graphics just as good!

Play Unfortunate Spacemen for free.


  • Platform: PC
  • Release: 2019

Barotrauma is the most complex game on this list. It takes place in the depths of one of Jupiter’s moons. One of the party members can be a traitor or not, depending on the options chosen at the beginning of the game, which makes everything even more tense.

The good thing about Barotrauma is that the game itself revolves around completing missions, not so much figuring out who the imposter is. This brings a different feel to the gameplay, making it more complete and bringing a gaming experience that Among Us doesn’t.


  • Platform: PC
  • Launch: 2017

Deceit puts six players in a ghoulish scenario. Two of them are actually infected monsters and aiming to eliminate the others. Healthy players must identify who the villains are and survive. There is no way to choose which side you will be on when the match starts.

Play Deceit for free.

Garry’s Mod

  • Platform: PC
  • Release: 2004

Garry’s Mod is even a very complex game, as everything can change out of nowhere and because the players are the ones who create the game. One possibility, then, is for you to create something like 2 traitor players and 1 detective for every 8 players. The rest are the innocents, who must help the detective find out who the bad guy on the tape is.

Both traitors and the detective can carry weapons, but in the case of villains this can give away their position. And whoever investigates can also collect clues from the dead bodies.

Enemy on Board

  • Platform: PC
  • Release: 2020

Another space-themed game, in which two players are aliens who assume human form, and the other four players are crew who must survive. Both the villains and the crew must keep the spacecraft in good condition while hunting and trying to eliminate each other.

Play Enemy on Board for free.

Secret Neighbor

  • Platform: PC and Xbox One
  • Release: 2019

A game with a very different proposal: a group of children must enter the neighbor’s basement to rescue a friend. The problem is that one of the children is the neighbor, in a disguise! Children win the game if they manage to get into the basement, while the neighbor can use the entire house to terrorize and stop the group from breaking into the basement.

Werewolf Online

  • Platform: Mobile
  • Release: 2018

Werewolf Online is quite a cute game. You must protect your village from a werewolf or transform into a creature to terrify the villagers. There are 16 players, 8 werewolves, and 8 residents. Investigate to find out who your ally really is and immediately eliminate enemies to emerge victoriously!

Play Werewolf Online for free.

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