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P2RIC is a private blog that covers various kinds of information. Our goal is to help people and aspirants to get the latest news. We cover news about technology, gaming, and recent updates.

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Our mission is to make a learning environment through the internet and we want to give chance to people acquiring knowledge through the internet.


P2RIC (Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center), This pollution prevention service info house is a searchable online collection of more than 50,000 pollution prevention (P2) related publications, facts, sheets, case studies, and technical reports. But unfortunately, this info house no more belongs to the previous one. This domain, P2RIC.ORG sold out in an auction. Now it’s a personal blog and we are just a news portal that covers various updates and stories. We do not claim to be any government body and certainly not related to Pollution prevention info house agency.

We’ve bought this domain on 02/09/2021 by an auction. If this domain had any connection with illegal business or harmful activities, we’ll be not responsible for that.

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