The 23 Best Offline Games for Android in 2022

Google Play offers hundreds of Android games that you can play without the internet. We’ve selected some of the best titles available from endless running, fighting, strategy, RPG, and more games that are guaranteed to deliver hours of offline fun!

Also, watch the trailer for each of the games to understand a little more about the gameplay and find out which are your favorites to download today.

Once Upon a Tower

Type: Action, Stealth, Escape from Enemies
Price: Free

In this fun and exciting mobile game, classic fairy tales are turned inside out. In the game, the prince is dead and the princess must descend from her tower and face the most diverse monsters and escape. Another big enemy of this game is gravity itself. Collect coins and powers to escape the tower and score the highest score possible.

Download Once Upon a Tower here!


Type: Action, Strategy, Skill
Price: Free

This 2D game is set in a beautiful dark forest full of challenges. In the course of your run, you must overcome various visually fascinating traps and obstacles. High-quality graphics and stimulating sound await you in this highly rated game on Google Play (4.5 stars). With dozens of challenging levels, this game is also available for multiplayer, where the player who survives is the one who wins.

Download Badland here!

Shadow Fight 3

Type: fight
Price: free

The Shadow Fight game franchise is highly acclaimed by fans of mobile fighting games. The newest sequel to the game, Shadow Fight 3, is even more impressive, with well-defined 3D graphics and plenty of character choices. The coolest thing about this game is that you can still collect different items throughout the battles and strengthen your character even more.

Download Shadow Fight 3 here!

Alto’s Odyssey

Type: endless run
Price: free

At first, this game might seem like just another endless runner type game, but Alto’s Odyssey won over audiences with its impressive design and stimulating music. The game even won an Apple Design Award in 2018 and is a guarantee that you’ll find yourself relaxed and entertained throughout the well-crafted and immersive stages.

Download Alto’s Odyssey here!

Infinity loop

Type: strategy, skill
Price: free

Want to relax and be entertained at the same time? Infinity Loop might be the perfect game for you. The game combines simplicity and immersion and has gained many fans around the world. The objective of the game is to connect various curved shapes with blunt fingers. In night mode, the goal is to break a complete shape into its individual components. As the game progresses, the stages become more and more complicated and stimulating.

Download Infinity Loope here!

Sniper 3D Assassin

Type: shot
Preço: free

For fans of first person shooters Sniper 3D is one of the best offline options. In the game, you will fight the mafia through numerous missions and challenges. The player can still find several different weapons and equipment throughout the game, which makes it even more interesting and stimulating to continue playing.

Download Sniper 3D Assassin here!

The Frostrune

Type: point-and-click
Price: free

A rich backstory, hand-painted graphics and exhilarating challenges are what awaits you in The Frostrune. The developers of this game are passionate about Norse mythology and that’s why the game has so much realism and thematic precision. In the game you play a shipwrecked survivor of a storm who must unravel the secrets kept on an island.

Download The Frostrune here!


Type: RPG
Price: from U$ 4.89 dollars

Crashlands is one of the most acclaimed offline games for Android. It has a fantastic backstory, intuitive gameplay and stimulating development. In this RPG you can create numerous items, as well as discover the secrets that the maps keep. The second edition of the game is already in the testing phase and should please fans of this game even more.

Download Crashlands here!

Asphalt 8

Type: race
Price: free

For fans of high-performance racing games, Asphalt 8 is a great option to put your foot on the virtual accelerator. In the game you have more than 200 options of cars and motorcycles to compete in countless races on immersive and well-planned tracks. In addition to the offline option, the game also allows the multiplayer version , where you can compete in races with up to 8 players.

Download Asphalt 8 here!

Six guns: Gang showdown

Type: shooting, strategy
Price: free

In this shooting and strategy game you will feel like a real cowboy from the North American Wild West. Six Guns offers well-developed scenarios where the player must complete 40 missions. During your horse races, fight bandits and finish off your enemies. You can also unlock different weapons, accessories and clothing throughout the game.

Download Six guns : Gang showdown here!

Hill Climb Racing 2

Type: race
Price: free

The second version of the already acclaimed Hill Climb is even more fun and exciting. The game offers great graphics and well-prepared racing scenarios, where vehicles pirouettes in the air between mountains and hills. In this new version, you have the possibility to choose even more funny characters and unlock different vehicles and accessories to supercharge your machine.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 here!

Jungle Marble Blast 3

Type: target shooting
Price: free

For those who love shooting and strategy games, the third version of Jungle Marble Blast is the perfect option for you to play offline. The objective is to eliminate the colored marbles at each level, but be careful not to let the chain reach the end. It’s a simple game, but guaranteed fun for lovers of this type of game.

Download Jungle Marble Blast 3 here!

Pocket City

Type: construction
Price: free

For those who love construction games similar to SimCity, Pocket City is the best offline option for Android. With a well-developed graphic, you must be the mayor of your city, build it, manage it and ensure the best welfare of your population. Throughout the game, you’ll accumulate money to make even more improvements and develop the city you’ve created.

Download Pocket City here!


Type: RPG
Preço: Free

Acclaimed on the Play Store with 4.8 stars and downloaded over 2 million times, Eternium is a stunningly beautiful RPG game for those looking for a fascinating offline option in the genre. Since it was released in 2014, the game continues to gain improvements by developers and make it possible for players not to lose interest. You can play offline for free, with all purchases optional.

Download Eternium here!

XCOM: Enemy Within

Type: Shooting
Price: from $4.99 USD

This acclaimed shooting game franchise has gone offline for Android and offers new soldiers, abilities, enemies, maps, missions and even an exhilarating multiplayer version . The backstory is also very interesting and pleases game fans, who must devise strategies to discover the mysteries of a world full of aliens.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within here!

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Type: shot
Preço: free

A game that is guaranteed to be among your favorites in the offline list for Android, Tank Hero offers a vast amount of maps where your objective is to destroy enemy tanks. You control your tank and your laser launcher cannon via an on-screen remote control, but remember: lasers bounce off walls, so use this strategy to your advantage.

Download Tank Hero: Laser Wars here!

Traffic Rider

Type: race
Price: free

Anyone who loves high speed will love this motorcycle racing masterpiece. With very detailed graphics, you have the option to choose from numerous vehicles to accelerate as much as you can and reach the finish line. However, you must also be very careful not to collide with the various obstacles along the lanes, roads and avenues.

Download Traffic Rider here!

Major Mayhem 2

Type: endless run
Price: free

The Play Store’s bravest major is back for a new mission filled with thrilling challenges, new weapons, accessories and plenty of action. The second version of the game developed by Adult Swim continues with its shooting and running strategy, but gained even more elaborate graphics and stages.

Download Major Mayhem 2 here!

Shadow Blade Zero

Type: endless run
Price: free

For those who love a good story in infinite running games, Shadow Blade Zero is an excellent free offline option for Android. In the game you play Kuro, a fearless ninja who must jump, fight countless enemies and survive to become the Shadow Blade. The game features dozens of exhilarating levels and a breathtaking soundtrack, which keep players even more entertained along the way.

Download Shadow Blade Zero here!

Flick Soccer 20

Type: sport
Price: free

For those who love soccer and love to score goals, Flick Soccer is a simple, but great sport game option that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. With beautiful graphics and countless possibilities of angles, the game consists of scoring goals through angles that are presented to you on the screen. Every year, it gains new improvements, which makes players of this classic never lose interest.

Download Flick Soccer 20 here!

Soul Knight

Type: shot
Preço: free

In the best 8 bit style, Soul Knight is a simple but very fun and electrifying game. In the backstory, we have a protagonist who needs to save the world and retrieve a mysterious magic stone. For that, you’ll need to shoot and get rid of thousands of aliens, explore dungeons and collect awesome weapons and accessories.

Download Soul Knight here!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Type: Tower Defense, RPG
Price: from $0.99 USD

For those who were already a fan of Kingdom Rush, the new version of this game, called Frontiers, is even more electrifying. Defend your towers and the new territories of your kingdom, facing new enemies and commanding your troops. With a high Play Store score (4.7 stars), Kingdom Rush Frontiers has become one of the most acclaimed strategy and defense games in recent times.

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers here!

Candy Crush Saga

Type: puzzle
Price: free

Downloaded over 30 million times from the Play Store alone, Candy Crush Saga is one of the best known and most acclaimed mobile games around the world. This classic never goes out of style as it is always offering players new addictive challenges and rewards that make you feel the need to score even more.

Download candy crush saga here!

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