Discover the 40 best PS3 games!

If you want to know or remember what the best PS3 games were, we’ve put together a complete list! We bring you the 40 best, for you to kill the nostalgia for this one of the Sony consoles in which the best franchises in history were born!

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Best PS3 Games

The Last of Us

The father of all games on PlayStation 3 could not be another. The Last of Us has received numerous awards for the highest quality storytelling and the depth of the relationships developed by the characters. Speaking of which, it’s impossible not to be moved by the dialogues of Joel and Ellie.

In terms of gameplay, the grip is perfect for a post-apocalyptic game. The slow walk, with almost no ammunition and with an almost obligation to act stealthily, causes enormous tension. Scares and moments of danger are constant. It is difficult to walk many meters without getting injured or even dying.

The Last of Us is one of the best games on the PS3 and one of the most acclaimed in history. It is a success both as a survivor, as a shooter, and even as a horror game. Anyway: it’s a unique experience that all gamers need to have.


More than 110 million units sold later, GTA V remains an outrageous success. Of course, the remastering for PS4 and Xbox One helps, but already on PS3, this game was breaking records. The map is huge, with lots of details, several easter eggs, and a hundred different things to do.

We cannot forget the main characters of the campaign: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. For the first time in the franchise, you can control three characters at the same time. The missions of each culminate in a bombastic ending to the game, in an almost cinematic crescendo.

Red Dead Redemption

best PS3 games Red Dead Redemption contains all the important elements of a western. Lots of gunfire, nervous cowboys, indomitable horses, and desert land to explore. Rockstar did an exemplary job on this title, with a grand open world and a complex and interesting protagonist.

John Marston is the typical antihero that all gamers love. It stars in one of the most brilliant narratives in the gaming world, in an unpredictable plot that won over many players.

Not only that, Red Dead Redemption received a version with zombies. It adds dozens of missions and new game modes, which practically create a game apart. The game’s sequel, released for PS4 and Xbox One, shows that success was really high.

God of War 3

Kratos is back to finish his first trilogy with a lot of death and blood. In this title, we follow the outcome of the epic narrative of the Ghost of Sparta, as he seeks to complete his revenge against Olympus. With jaw-dropping graphics, sharp gameplay, and exciting gameplay, it’s one of the great games on the PS3.

Everything that worked well in the first two games in the franchise is enhanced in GoW 3. At the same time, however, it’s a game that doesn’t invent. The combat mechanics and evolution of the Spartan’s weapons and powers are the same: easy and intuitive. What was not easy was seeing the end of the game and having to remain without knowing what would be the fate of Kratos.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots

best PS3 games Guns of Patriots received numerous awards in the year it was released, including Best Game of the Year. It has many improvements over Snake Eater, with a strong focus on deepening players’ stealth experience.

Now Snake can become stressed during the game, especially when taking damage, which can make it difficult for the character to respond effectively. Each Boss is unique, requiring a unique strategy, and the graphics and soundscape bring an absurd realism to the game!

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is among the best FPS games on the PS3. It makes the player take control of a tourist named Jason Brody, who got lost on a trip with friends and ended up on an island. Now the mission is to survive the pirates that live there and escape alive from this place.

With a good RPG element best PS3 games, Far Cry 3 allows the creation of weapons and the creation of attack strategies. Different approaches can be taken in this game. Mainly because the map is huge. In that sense, this game is great for those who like to explore the terrain.

But of course, we couldn’t mention the Big Boss from Far Cry 3 . Vaas Montenegro is sickly, cold, and calculating, being a frightening and unpredictable enemy. Even today there are those who see him as the best villain in the series.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

According to many critics, Uncharted 2 is among the best games ever made. Nathan Drake’s second adventure takes this treasure hunter around the world in search of Xangri-La. To do so, you need to defeat enemies, solve different puzzles and collect relics, weapons, and other items.

Among Thieves was highly praised for several qualities. The graphics used the power of the PlayStation 3 very well, providing a super detailed look. Gameplay, combat and movement mechanics, and narrative were other points highly acclaimed by players and critics.

Batman: Arkhan City

All games in the Arkham series are amazing, no one denies that. But Arkham City enters the list because it represents a new direction and a big evolution from the previous title. On PlayStation 3, at least, it’s considered the best of all Batman games.

This is due to the fact that the City map is huge. The missions lack that linear Asylum feel, allowing players to literally feel the freedom of being Batman. The main campaign lasts about 40 hours, not counting the plots and secondary tasks, such as Riddler.

Numerous characters from the Dark Knight comics are present in this game. It’s perfect for anyone who loves superhero games and anyone who wants to spend a long time defending Gotham City.

Gran Turismo 5

It’s no use: talking about PlayStation always means talking about Gran Turismo. After all, this game is one of the great representatives of Sony consoles. And GT5 was very well received on PlayStation 3. First and foremost for the 1063 cars that gamers can collect. Then through dozens of tracks and gameplay reformulations.

What stands out the most is that there is damage to cars when they crash. They were minimal, but they brought a little more reality to the experience. Besides them, we can mention circuits that had climatic variations. There weren’t many, but the ones that had it were a lot of fun.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We started with a heavy name in every way. best PS3 games Modern Warfare 2 was tasked with being better than its predecessor. Many thought that this was impossible, but the mission was accomplished and successful. This is without a doubt the best PlayStation 3 war game.

The game is frantic from start to finish. In it you take on two fronts, one being a group of counterterrorists, while the other is Rangers. You go through several missions in the Campaign, which put you in Afghanistan, Washington, the heat of Rio de Janeiro, and the cold of Siberia.

At the time, this Call of Duty was impressive precisely because it had missions set in Brazilian favelas. That alone won thousands of fans, who certainly never stopped following the other games in the franchise.


the journey best PS3 games do not have a common proposition or pattern. It was successful on the PlayStation 3 precisely because it offers unique gameplay. You have no idea what the narrative is, let alone what the purpose is. Basically, it’s exploring different scenarios, in search of reaching the top of the mountain.

Controlling a hooded and nameless creature, we have to solve puzzles and find ways to follow the character’s path of self-knowledge. It is possible to meet other players on this path and can complete the journey together if they want.

The journey has won several Game of the Year awards. It is a contemplative adventure that deserves all the attention and recognition.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a very iconic game. It follows four characters in a complex plot that involves a serial killer who drowns his victims on rainy days. To play, the player must perform movements with the joystick and hit the sequences of buttons.

The game has different endings, as the player’s decisions can kill all characters, affecting the narrative. The game was a critical success at the time, even giving rise to a remastered version for consoles of more recent generations.

Far Cry 4

Building on the success of its predecessor, the best PS3 game Far Cry 4 invests in RPG elements and maintains a first-person perspective. An interesting addition to this title is the importance of wildlife in gameplay. Besides being able to hunt animals, the player can be bitten by them, which can lead to death in Hardcore mode. Dying of hypothermia is also a possibility.

The game is not as impactful as Far Cry 3, mainly because the Big Boss, Pagan Min, is not as visceral as Vaas Montenegro. Still, this is one of the great games of its kind on PS3. It brings a Karma system, which gives points or takes them away according to the player’s behavior.

Fallout 3

best PS3 games Fallout 3 was both a sales and critical success. As usual in the games of the series, the player takes on a character in an apocalyptic world, in a post-nuclear war. In the specific case of this title, you are the resident of a nuclear shelter, whose mission is to find your father.

You can play both in the first and third person. There is a character-building system, as well as it is possible to evolve attributes, acquire weapons and armor. With a total of 5 DLCs, Fallout 3 is also known for providing more than one ending to your Campaign.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a medieval-themed game que was very successful on PlayStation 3. The gameplay in the third person, with strategic combat and with a difficulty curve, makes this a game for more hardcore gamers. After all, not everyone can get to the end of the game and clear it without going through a lot of suffocation.

That’s why Dark Souls joined the group of trickiest games of all time. It is punitive and even forces players to think of the best attitude for each enemy. At least you can get help from friends and other players online throughout the campaign.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet looks like a game made for kids, but teens and adults certainly had a lot of fun with it on PS3. Players control the character known as Sackboy. The game is fun because we can customize Sackboy in many different ways, with clothes, designs and other possibilities.

At the time of its release in 2008, Little Big Planet was successful in being challenging. The simple children’s story was just a backdrop for absurdly complicated stages to go through. Other than those built by the players themselves. Also, let’s not forget that being able to play with a friend was also a plus.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim was one of the last games on the PS3 and therefore one of the best in terms of graphics quality. But that was not enough, the open world is huge, with hundreds of missions.

Dragonborn’s narrative is well built, and the expansions make the game even more fantastic. And, of course, facing legendary dragons is an intense experience.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Black Ops is one of the best Call of Duty games on PS3. The campaign is of enormous quality, allowing players to control multiple characters from different perspectives.

Multiplayer is great, putting two teams in a scenario. Modes vary, with classic Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

Person 5

Persona 5 brings you back to school, in the role of Joker, in a modern Tokyo, and well portrayed in the game.

This title is a great mix between RPG, social simulation, and dungeon exploration, with exciting battles!


BioShock has it all: survival, RPG, first-person shooter, moral choices, stealth, and a clever storyline. It brings a dystopia and complex characters, in addition to good doses of horror.

A game that is considered one of the best games of all time!


First-person stealth game. It focuses on a quest for revenge, in which the player controls an assassin with supernatural powers.

Each mission, in the best Hitman or Metal Gear style, can be completed in different ways. Stealth is only one option, and the endgame changes depending on your choices.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter that greatly expanded the world of Pandora, presented in the first game, focusing all missions and plot on telling a little more about the history of the place.

There are over 10 different sections of the map to explore, 4 new heroes and, believe it or not, endless weapon combinations. It still has good character classes and vehicles.

Resistance 3

Resistance 3 has a very elaborate science fiction theme, in which the player must travel through a wormhole to close it, fighting against alien forces that threaten the Earth.

Burnout Paradise

One of the best in the franchise, Burnout Paradise has an open world, in which the player chooses the missions he wants to do. In fact, if you want, you can just maneuver around the streets.

There are races of different styles, as well as Crash Mode, in which you must destroy other vehicles.

Yakuza 5

Overall Yakuza 5 has the same footprint as the other games. The difference is that you can control up to 5 different characters in 5 different locations in Japan.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 continues the adventures of Isaac Clarke, who is trapped and a human colony, on one of Saturn’s moons. In other words: a horror and action survival.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Another nice alien-themed game. XCOM is a tactical war game, in which you control a team on the field, in which you must eliminate, in turns, other enemies.

Between battles, manage your base, weaponry, and research with alien technologies.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Imagine if the Nazis had won the war. That’s what the game brings, putting you in the shoes of a US soldier, who must prevent the Nazis from controlling the world.

The Walking Dead

One of Telltale’s best games, The Walking Dead is located in the same world as the comics, but the characters were created just for the game.

The choice system dictates the narrative and its actions. Even fights are based on options, and everything you do interferes with the sequence of chapters, until the end.

Mass Effect 2

RPG and first-person shooter set Mass Effect 2. You and two other team members travel the Milky Way, visiting planets to collect resources.

Battles are physical or through biotic attacks, which resemble spells. You can position team members on the field to assist you.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is our old acquaintance from the League of Games! Both co-op and single-player modes mean you have to go through portals to get to the next level.

And this is only possible by solving clever puzzles created by the game!

Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV brings 3D scenarios and characters, but 2D gameplay, which creates the 2.5D effect. In addition, this version brings 10 more fighters compared to the base game.

Compared to SF III, it brought a lot of innovations in attack modes, leaving fights with greater combat options.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Another magnificent game from the Elder Scrolls series. The pre-Skyrim issue focuses on fighting the evil forces, Daedra, including taking a stroll through the world of demons.

The end of the game is spectacular and gives an idea of ​​what we would find in Dragonborn’s narrative!

Rock Band 2

One of the best music games ever made. Voice, guitar, drums, and bass formed the dream band’s infamous songs, including artists such as System of a Down and Nirvana.

It was very worthwhile to play with friends or to try a solo career in any of the above instruments or as a singer.

Assassin’s Creed 2

Some critics find this AC one of the best, as the plot is truly memorable. And, of course, it has Ezio de Firenze as the protagonist, one of the most charismatic protagonists of the franchise.

As usual, you find historical personalities in the game, such as Leonardo da Vinci. It was the title that really popularized the game series, being a foundation for all the others that came after.

Killzone 2

Killzone 2 is a good quality FPS, with a solid campaign and genre standard. The highlight is in multiplayer because you don’t choose the game mode, but play them all in sequence.

The team with the most wins in total wins.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends follows its predecessor, as players go through levels destroying scenarios, collecting items, and defeating enemies.

In the end, it’s a great platform-style game and for those who like to collect and unlock secrets.


LIMBO is a very simple game. Basically, you can move back and forth, pick up objects, jump and climb. All in a platform environment.

The mission is to solve puzzles and go through enemies and obstacles in a forest. Something that, we emphasize, is not easy.

LA Noire

LA Noire is a great investigation game. You will have access to several criminal cases, and the more you investigate, the more you unlock plot parts and new cases.

It’s addicting to chase criminals around Los Angeles, with that nightly and mysterious setting of the crime genre movies.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is from the Dark Souls and Bloodborne family. So it’s hard not to die. Which is rewarded by good graphics, quality storyline, and challenging mechanics.

Apart from the open endings, which are unlocked according to your choices and actions throughout the gameplay.

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