The 12 best city seeds for Minecraft!

City Seeds are Minecraft map templates that you can use to access ready-made or at least very advanced worlds. Just like any scenario in the game, you can still edit them however you like. In this article, we decided to bring 12 different seeds from very original cities for you to explore and admire how much the game has to offer in terms of complexity.

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For those who don’t know, to use the seeds, just access the “Create a new world” menu and, in the “Seed for World Generator” field, paste the codes you will find below. Enjoy!


This seed offers a giant metropolis with skyscrapers, paved streets, bridges, squares, green areas, a huge central park, and several other buildings. Everything a big city can offer.

Modern City

Unlike the previous seed, this one consists of a very planned and spacious modern city. With big houses, wide lanes, and lots of green areas, this city seems to be a huge closed condominium.

Night Metro

Another metropolis with many buildings and tracks. Here you’ll also find skyscrapers and some green areas, but the big difference is that this seed even has a well-built subway system.

Submerged City

An underwater city with many futuristic elements. Certainly, one of the hardest seeds to build, as the ocean around the city is 2000 blocks wide.

Underground City

Similar to the one above, but below ground. This seed creates a vast underground city filled with tunnels and fire lighting. Contrary to what you might expect, here you’ll still find A LOT of space to build whatever you want.

City in the Western

For bang bang fans, this seed offers a city in the middle of the orange mountains of the old western. The map also has a river and a forest, but most of the scenery is desert, as in the image above.

RPG City

This one will be familiar to any RPG fan. In this seed, you will find a city with all the typical elements of the genre such as churches, castles, taverns, shipyards, common houses, rivers, etc. The style chosen can be described as “medieval but not so much”.

Medieval City

Now, totally medieval. This seed offers a backdrop full of stone and wooden buildings, castles with walls and gigantic moats, a harbor with ancient ships, and the main thing: countless secret rooms that you can only discover by exploring.

City Village

A simple city in the middle of the forest. This village has narrow streets and houses almost identical, for the most part. Here you can find just a few attractions such as fountains and waterfalls, as well as animals wandering the streets.

City of Gods

A setting inspired by mythological elements, this seed offers a city on the top of a mountain in a kind of heavily wooded Olympus. Obviously, the seed doesn’t have elements that resemble real-world cities, but it’s still an amazing idea and full of details to be explored.

New York

This city seed Minecraft is not intended to be a replica of New York, but it was certainly inspired by the city. Skyscrapers, paved streets, bridges, rivers, trees, and, of course, the Statue of Liberty.

The Abandoned City of Portsmith

This seed consists of a gigantic city with schools, restaurants, markets, gas stations, subway, boats, ocean, and everything else. In addition to all this, just one more detail: waves and waves of zombies scattered everywhere.

Tropical City

The name says it all. This city has sun, cool shade, clear water, beautiful houses, beach tables, and everything you would expect from a tropical setting.


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