Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down? What to do when the service is unstable

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down? What to do when the social network is unavailable

WhatsApp down?

Can’t send and receive messages? When using WhatsApp ( Android | iOS | Web ) this is one of the situations that may be related to the instability of the platform’s service.

There is no exact reason why these problems can be caused by the service, but some actions are possible to resolve the instability with WhatsApp.

Thinking about the reader’s experience, the Caltech team developed the following guide with simple and quick solutions that can solve or identify service instability. Here’s what to do when the WhatsApp service is unstable.

What to do when WhatsApp is down

Check the status of the WhatsApp service
There can be many effects of lack of connectivity with the WhatsApp server, not receiving messages, not being able to send audios, images, or even sending messages without other users receiving them.

However, the effects of these situations are also similar to possible instabilities in your internet connection. Therefore, checking the WhatsApp service status is the best way to find out where the problem is. Here’s how to check if WhatsApp is down.


Downdetector ( Android | iOS | Web ) is a real-time monitoring platform for problems and failures in all types of services. So, if you are having platform issues, you can check the current status of your services through your app or website.
To check the current status of WhatsApp, just go to the platform’s official website or download the Downdetector app that is available for devices ( Android | iOS ).

Change network settings

If the service status of WhatsApp is online and without occurrences, the instability problems may be related to your internet connection on your mobile device.

WiFi Problems: A List of the Most Common and How to Fix Them
Although this information may seem explicit, problems with the internet are common and can go unnoticed during everyday life. In that case, follow these steps;

Make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection icons are active, it’s also worth trying to turn them off and reconnecting to the internet;
If the problem persists, if possible try to connect to other networks;
Check for updates and restart the device
If the problem still persists and it has been identified that in fact, it is not a connectivity issue. It could be that the situation is associated with your WhatsApp application.

So, the next step would be to check if your WhatsApp has the latest software version installed. In certain cases, service instability and application issues can be resolved by updating to the latest version. To do this, just look for updates in your app store.

But in case you don’t notice any changes after the update, it is recommended that you restart your device. By restarting the system, the instability is expected to be resolved in Wi-Fi and Mobile Data connectivity issues. But what if that doesn’t work?

WhatsApp Web

In order not to lose access to the application, you can also use the WhatsApp Web version. If you are able to connect normally through your computer or cell phone browser, there is a chance this problem is related to your smartphone.
In such cases, it is recommended to contact the WhatsApp support service through their official Twitter or Facebook pages. It is also recommended to send your device to technical support for an evaluation, it may be necessary to clean your cell phone.

Also, check out how you can clear your app’s cache and free up more space on your device.

Facebook down?

Have you ever faced any instability using Facebook? In some cases, the social network may exhibit problems loading media files or publishing updates. For this, there is no exact reason: it could be a general instability of the service, a problem found in the network, or something related to the version of the app ( Android | iOS ).

When Facebook has some kind of problem, there are some things that can be done quickly on your cell phone or computer. These are quick ways to identify errors and figure out how to resolve them. Check out some tips below!

  1. Check Facebook status
    You may not be the only one with the same problem on the social network. In some cases, Facebook’s server may experience instability and affect thousands of users at the same time. In these situations, the recommended first step is to verify that there is no widespread problem with the social network. For this, there are two sites that help in the search: Downdetector and the Facebook for Developers platform.

down detector

Downdetector is a website that monitors and receives complaints about instabilities on different websites and platforms. The page tracks complaints and comments from different sources, identifying possible failures and pointing out peaks in service interruptions. For this, they draw up a graph with the average of problem reports sent – ​​when the volume exceeds the average, it is a sign that there is a problem with the social network.

On the Facebook page, you can follow this graph, a map with the origin locations of reported problems, the most common types of problems, and a real-time comments section. So, every time the network shows instability, it’s worth checking the Downdetector.

Facebook for Developers

Facebook for Developers is a website created by the company to assist developers working with third-party applications for the social network. Inside, there is a Facebook status meter, pointing out possible problems in its structure. This page can be accessed here.

The platform is an official service that allows you to find out if there are problems with the network. Users can view real-time status and a history of the last 90 days showing possible issues and errors.

If Downdetector and Facebook for Developers point out some instability, it means there is a widespread problem. In this case, the way is to wait. However, if the query didn’t show any errors, something related to the device, application, or connection probably happened. For this, follow the following tips.

  1. Restart and update the app
    If instability is found in the social networking application, it is possible that the problem is software related. First, try restarting the app: open the list of recent apps and swipe to end the Facebook process. Then open it again. This simple procedure can correct some apparent errors.

Another alternative is to check if the app is updated to the latest version. Typically, new network features are only made available in updates. To do this, open the Play Store or App Store and search for the Facebook app. If the screen displays a “Refresh” button, tap to download.

  1. Check the internet connection

It may seem obvious, but it isn’t: in some cases, the device is not properly connected to the internet. On your mobile, make sure the Wi-Fi and mobile data usage icons don’t have an exclamation mark, often used to point out a connection error.

If problems persist and manifest themselves in other applications, a quick alternative is to restart your device. When restarting, all networks are connected again, which can solve some kind of error or slowdown.

I did all this and it didn’t work. And now?

After following all these steps, it is expected that access to Facebook will be resumed. Otherwise, the problem may be with your device. The reasons are varied, including lack of memory on the device and older versions of software and operating systems. It is recommended to take the device to technical assistance for cleaning.

A possible alternative to avoid crashes on your phone is to download Facebook Lite ( Android ), a lighter model of the app. For this, it is recommended to delete the original application and download the new version. On iOS, however, Facebook Lite has been discontinued.

Instagram down?

Instagram ( Android | iOS | Web ) is a social network of photos that has more than 1 billion unique users and 500 million daily hits. Eventually, when using the platform, it is possible that you notice a certain slowness or the app does not open, and the service seems temporarily unavailable.

However, how do you know if the problem is directly linked to the service, to your cell phone connection, or could it be something of a different nature? p2ric has separated three options on how to check if the problem is with Instagram, or with your cell phone. Check it out below!

  1. How to view instagram status
    If Instagram isn’t working for you, there’s a good chance it isn’t working for other people either. Before taking any action on your mobile, use Downdetector to check Instagram status.

The site has information in Portuguese and in real-time indicating if the service is down or unstable. If the platform does not present any problems, the message “No Instagram Fails” will be displayed on the screen.

2 Update the Instagram app
If you’ve found that the issue isn’t with the Instagram service, there’s a chance that your mobile app has a problem. To check this hypothesis, restart the app and check if the problem persists.
If the issue persists, go to the Google Play Store for Android devices, or the App Store for iOS devices and check if the app needs to be updated. If the app is up to date, consider reinstalling it.

  1. Restart your mobile
    But, if in the end you noticed that there is no instability in the service and there is also no problem with the app, check if there is any problem in the connection of your device. Normally, resetting the phone can resolve mobile data connectivity or Wi-Fi connection issues.

Also, be sure to check out Instagram’s web version, and if you can access the social network through a browser on your PC, there’s a good chance the issue is related to your phone.

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