The 15 best football games for Android [2022]

Playing football on mobile is super fun! Then check out the 15 best football games for Android! From the great FIFA to lesser-known games, passing through trainer simulators. Choose yours, put on your boots and get ready to score goals on the virtual lawns of your smartphone!

FIFA Football

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Definitely the most popular football game for Android! FIFA Football has excellent graphics, flawless gameplay, great artificial intelligence, and more content than any other game of its kind. The “fifinha” for mobile has an offline campaign, online leagues, PvP (player vs player), more than 550 teams, several game modes, and lots of extra content.

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Dream League Soccer 2021

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Dream League Soccer 2021 is one of the most famous football games for Android. First manage the team, being able to customize the players, uniforms, logo, and even the stadium! Then go to the lawns and face your opponents, whether offline or online.

Dream League Soccer has 6 divisions in which the player needs to advance. In addition, the game has a system of achievements and ranks that makes the experience much more stimulating!

Best Offline Games for Android

eFootball PES 2021

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The mobile version of football PES 2021 is focused on MyClub. In that sense, you have everything that this game mode brings. Assemble and manage your squad, hire a good coach and go online and offline playing against other players. Everything to build the best team in the world!

The game has good graphics, an easy to master game mechanic, and closely rivals FIFA and Dream League Soccer

39 Best Android Games

Football Strike

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Football Strike is a football game focused on free kicks. The game has an extensive solo campaign where you can collect medals and achievements. Online, players can choose between “Kick Run” and “Free Kick” modes, playing against friends or other players around the world.

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Score! hero

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Score Hero is a little different from other games in the genre. Here you need to complete different challenges presented over 580 levels and collect rewards along the way. It also has an online platform to play with other players. Although the matches are faster than other games, the varied model of each of the phases will make you spend a lot of time in this game.

Soccer Stars

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Who said button games aren’t football?! Soccer Stars is a super-challenging game that puts you in command of a button team. Play online against real players and be the king of the small lawns, scoring from the middle of the street and leveling up while you buy items to customize your buttons!

Real Football

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Real Football follows a well-manicured model in online football games, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good! On the contrary, it has well-made graphics, is easy to play, and has good game modes and variations. In this case, you can either lead the club off the field, taking care of the finances, or you can go to the pitch and win the matches yourself.

Top Eleven 2021

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Top Eleven 2021 is one of the best soccer coach simulators in the mobile world. So much so that it has Mourinho as its cover! There are thousands of athletes registered in the base of the game. The options for creating a stadium and club are almost endless, and you can take your club from the unknown to the best of the online world in this super complete game.

Soccer Manager 2021

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Soccer Manager 2021 is a simpler version for anyone who wants to be a teacher. Like Top Eleven, you must create a club and, from scratch, try to make it reach the top of the world! The advantage of this is that you have to deal with fewer variables and factors, making it easier to manage the team.

Royal Soccer

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Have you ever imagined a football Battle Royale? That’s it! This game resembles Clash of Clans, but the difference is that whoever scores the most goals first wins! It’s really fun and challenging, and the graphics are really great! It’s worth it if you like playing fast-ranked matches.

Head Soccer LaLiga

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There are several Head Soccer games available for Android. But none are as good as the LaLiga version! It brings all licensed players in the competition, visually well portrayed in the game. Even with some facial expressions even close to reality! It’s choosing your player and scoring multiple goals with your head!

Supa Strikas Dash

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Anyone who has seen Super Campões and knows Tsubasa knows that Supa Strikas Dash is a tribute to football presented in this anime. Full of kicks and jumps and crazy stunts, in an infinite running game that mixes with the sport. Dribble, dodge opponents, score goals, and see how far you can go!

cool goal

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Cool Goal is a great casual game to pass the time. You have a doll, which can be customized or changed, and your mission is to score goals. Whichever way, whichever way, as long as the ball enters the net and doesn’t touch obstacles. There are even hundreds of stages for you to show that you are the ace!

New Star Soccer

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New Star Soccer is an indie soccer game for Android, so don’t expect good graphics! By the way, this is one of the charms of the game, which is all pixelated and reminds the traditional football games of the 80s and 90s. In it, you only control the players, but there is a Manager version, in case you wanted to pursue a coaching career!

Goal Mark – Beach Soccer

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The objective is to score goals. How you do it is up to you! In this beach soccer game, choose your player and go up the levels. Start against a frangueiro goalkeeper until you hit a wall, in the best Manuel Neuer style!

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