GTA San Andreas cheats for PC: Money, Weapons, Infinite Life, and Other Modifications

It’s not just on PS2 that GTA San Andreas codes are available and successful. On PC they are very useful and even easier to activate. Just type them as fast as you can, without opening a text box, for them to work.

GTA San Andreas cheats for PS2: cars, weapons, money, infinite life, and more

So if you play this game on the computer and want money and infinite life, powerful weapons, and furious cars, check out all GTA San Andreas PC codes in this article!

1. Weapons, health and money

Code effectCodeComments
Weapons 1LXGIWYL9mm pistol, baseball bat, shotgun, MP5, AK-47, rifle, rocket launcher, molotovs and spray can
Weapons 2PROFESSIONALSKITKnife, Desert Eagle, Tec-9, Razor, M4, Sniper, Flamethrower, Grenade and Fire Extinguisher
Weapons 3UZUMYMWElectric saw, 9mm pistol with silencer, SPAS, MP5, M4, remote explosives, Sniper, bazooka with heat detector
Maximum health and ammo, $250,000 cash and cars repairedHESOYAM
almost infinite energyBAGUVIXYou can still die in explosions, falling and drowning
infinite ammoFULLCLIP
infinite oxygenCVWKXAMDive without worrying about drowning
Activates Adrenaline ModeANOSEENGLASSCJ gets slower but stronger
Hitman level weaponsPROFESSIONALKILLER

2. Status, Police and Gangs

Code effectCodeComments
Never get “Wanted”AEZAMIDoes not reset the wanted level you already have
Level 6 of “Wanted”BRINGITON
Increases the wanted level”TURNUPTHEHEATEach time the code is used, two “Wanted” stars are added
Reduces “Wanted” levelTURNDOWNTHEHEATEach time the code is used, two “Wanted” stars are removed.
Recruit pedestrians for CJ’s gangSJMAHPEIf pedestrians are unarmed, they get a 9mm Pistol
Recruit anyone to CJ’s gangROCKETMAYHEMIf pedestrians are unarmed, they get a Rocket Launcher
Bounty on CJ’s HeadBAGOWPG
maximum respectWORKSHIP
maximum sex appealHELLOLADIES
Maximum vehicle statusNATURALTALENT
CJ gets fatBTCDBCB
CJ gets thinKVGYZQK
CJ gets muscularBUFFETUP
maximum staminaVKYPQCF
Only gang members on the streetsONLYHOMISALLOWEDThere are no police or pedestrians on the streets. Armed men fire at each other. Traffic only in gang zones
Gang members across the state of San AndreasBIFBUZZAll game people across the state are gang members.

3. Cars and objects

Code effectCodeComments
rhinoIWPRTONWar tank
rangerJQNTDMHVehicle off-road
caddyRZHSUEWgolf cart
Hotring Racer 1VROCKPOKEYRace car
Hotring Racer 2VPJTQWVRace car
Bloodring BangerOLDSPEEDDEMONold racing car
Stretch LimoCELEBRITYSTATUSlimousine
Romero’s HearseWHERETHEFUNERALFuneral car
TrashmasterTRUEGRIMEGarbage truck
monster truckMONSTERMASH

4. Gameplay

Code effectCodeComments
Activate Chaos ModeSTATEOFEMERGENCYHouses burn, pedestrians raid stores, among other things
All pedestrians are Elvis PresleyBLUESUDESHOES
Pedestrians attack each other with golf clubsAJLOJYQY
Pedestrians hunt CJFOOOXFT
Pedestrians attack each other with rocket launchersBGLUAWML
Ninja ThemeNINJATOWNAll pedestrians are Asian men with katanas. All cars are black. CJ wins a katana
Funhouse ThemeCRAZYTOWNCJ gets clown hair and nose. Pedestrians get funny clothes. Ice cream cart appears frequently
attract womenBEKKNQV
perfect aim while drivingOUIQDMW
CJ jumps higherMEGAJUMPJump is 10x higher than normal
stronger punchIAVENJOne punch kills. All pedestrians get this modification
Beach partyLIFEISABEACHPedestrians become women in bikinis, CJ wears sandals and shorts and all vehicles are beach style
faster gameSPEEDITUP
slower gameSLOWITDOWN

5. Modifications to vehicles

Code effectCodeComments
All cars have nitroSPEEDFREAK
Cars float when they’re crashedBUBBLECARS
All cars are rural 1FVTMNBZ
All cars are rural 2BMTPWHRCJ does not earn rural equipment and clothes
all cars are badEVERYONEISPOOR
All cars are invisibleWHEELZONLYPLEASEMotorcycles only have invisible wheels
Improved car controlSTICKLIKEGLUEPressing R3 makes the car jump
heavy trafficYLTEICZ
reduced trafficGHOSTTOWNThere are no pedestrians
destroy all carsCPKTNWT
black color carsIOWDLAC
pink carsLLQPFBN
Cars flyCHITTYCHITTYBANGBANGControl is similar to an airplane
Taxis have nitroVKYPQCFCode cannot be undone
car of deathJCNRUADThe car controlled by CJ becomes indestructible and destroys everything it touches
jumps with a bicycleCJPHONEHOMECJ jumps over buildings with a bicycle
Traffic lights with green lightZEIIVG

6. Climate and weather

Code effectCodeComments
orange skyOFVIACThe clock is stopped at 9 pm
speed up timeYSOHNUL
very sunny weatherTOODAMNHOT
Sand stormCWJXUOC
always midnightNIGHTPROWLER

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