How to Get Saddles in Minecraft [Tame Horses]

Taming horses in Minecraft is an easier task than it sounds. It is also possible to assemble them if you have a saddle, a rare item that cannot be built normally, as with others. The game allows you to find saddles in three different ways and the idea here is to explain how to get one – plus other tips.

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Only horses?

First of all, know that the saddle is all-in-one. It’s not just for horses. Pigs, mules, and donkeys can also be ridden. Other animals are not compatible yet, but the choice is up to each player and the difference between them is minimal. How to Get Saddles in Minecraft!

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However, the explanation for using the saddle on these four types of animals is basically the same, changing only the aesthetics or the type of animal that the user wants to tame.

how to get saddles

There are three ways to get a saddle in Minecraft. Just to reinforce, it is worth remembering: it is not possible to create the item in the game, until the present moment in which this text was written. How to Get Saddles in Minecraft!

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The three ways are:

  • Hidden treasures in dungeons, castles or sunken ships;
  • Buying with Villagers (Villagers) in villages;
  • Fishing;

The first way is the “easy” way. Just find a treasure chest in any dungeon, castle, or sunken ship under the sea. Of course, there are difficulties involved, like enemies that will attack you or, in the case of water, your character’s breathing limitation.

Buying with Villagers can be easy, but they usually only accept emeralds – an item that isn’t easy to get at the beginning of the game and we won’t always have significant amounts to spend on a saddle. Price varies.

Fishing is the hardest way. There is a chance, every 120 fishes, to get a saddle by sheer luck on the end of your hook.


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