How to give TP [teleport] in Minecraft

The TP in Minecraft, the teleport command, is one of the most useful in the game, and it allows you not only to move anywhere on the map but also to move other players and entities within the world. See how to give TP in Minecraft and learn how to shorten distances in the game.

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What is TP (teleport)?

TP, or teleport, is a Minecraft command that is part of the game’s cheat list . With it it is possible to redefine the position of a player, be it the player himself or another in the world, or an entity, anywhere on the map, using coordinates or subcommand.

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How to TP in Minecraft

Minecraft cheats can be used in almost all versions of the game, with the exception of Minecraft Pi Edition, a free and free version for Raspberry Pi, aimed at teaching programming.

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Before knowing how to TP in Minecraft, you must first check if cheats are enabled, as it is possible to turn them off when creating a new world:

  • Press the game’s Pause key;
  • Click or tap “Open for LAN”;
  • Click or tap on the “Allow cheats” switch and leave it on;

With the cheats turned on, open the chat screen;
On Windows, macOS or Linux, press the “T” key;
On PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, press➡️ in the directional;
On iPhone and Android, tap the icon💬 ;
Type “/tp yourusernamexyz” or “/tp yournameyourdestination” (without quotes) and confirm.
The X, Y, and Z values ​​allow you to give TP in Minecraft. The X and Z coordinates represent latitude and longitude (positive values ​​position the player to the south and east, and negative values ​​to the north and west), while the Y determines height, with 63 being sea level.

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For example, the command “/tp so and so 200 97 100” gives TP to position 200 south and 100 east, at a height of 97.

On the other hand, “/tp nomedousuariodestination” allows TP to be given to a player to a specific place, such as near another player (“/tp sicrano destiny”). It is also possible to teleport close to a specific one (“/tp little guy”), or bring all the players close to you (“/tp @a @s”).


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