How to make a shield in Minecraft [Weapons: swords, arrows, and crossbows]

“The night is dark and full of horrors” .. . The quote is from Game of Thrones, but it’s also true for Minecraft’s survival mode. It’s the night monsters like creepers and zombies come out. If you don’t want to lose precious items, it’s important to know how to make a shield in Minecraft, as well as other useful weapons like swords, arrows, and crossbows.

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What weapons are there in Minecraft?

There are four types of items considered as weapons in Minecraft:

  • swords
  • tridents
  • bows
  • and beasts

Tools like axes can also deal damage, but not as much as other weapons. Some potions can also be used as weapons.

What are weapons for in Minecraft?

You’ll need to be well equipped in Minecraft survival mode, especially at night, which is when creatures spawn. Weapons are also used to attack or defend against other players if you are playing on a shared server.

They can also be useful in other activities, such as killing animals to gather resources or making your way through a dense forest.

how to make paper in Minecraft

The weapon’s durability and amount of damage vary depending on the material of construction, starting with the simpler wooden weapons, to the stronger and more resistant diamond ones.

They can be improved through potions, which apply attributes such as efficiency, hardness, durability, among others. For this, use an enchantment table.

Remember to collect the resources needed for the type of weapon you are going to make, especially wood, which is a common resource for most of them.

Weapons are built on the workbench (but can also be found in chests or obtained from villagers). Just arrange the items illustrated below.

How to make a shield in Minecraft

Shields are defensive equipment. Can be used at the same time as other weapons. Protect the player from attacks.


  • 6 boards of any wood ;
  • 1 iron bar;

How to make:

To add color, match the finished shield with a banner of the desired color.

how to make sword

Sword is the most common and easiest weapon to make.


  • 1 stick;
  • 2 blocks of any of these items: planks, boulders, black stone, iron bar, gold bar or diamond;

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How to make:

how to make bow

The bow is for long-range attacks. It is used in conjunction with arrows.


  • 3 sticks;
  • 3 lines;

How to make:

how to make arrow

Arrow is ammunition for bows and crossbows.


  • 1 flint;
  • 1 stick;
  • 1 penalty;

How to make:

how to do crossbow

Crossbow is also good for long-range attacks. Shoots arrows and fireworks.


  • 3 sticks;
  • 2 lines;
  • 1 iron bar;
  • 1 trap hook;

How to make

how to make trident

The trident is the only weapon in Minecraft that cannot be built. It is obtained just by taking them from creatures called the Drowned, which are zombies that live underwater. Can be used for both melee and ranged attacks.

Now, you know how to make a Minecraft shield and weapons to protect yourself.


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