How to make concrete in Minecraft

Making concrete in Minecraft is a simple task. The game gained a new type of block that is very useful for multicolored constructions called Concrete Block (Concrete). In addition to not catching fire, one possibility is to create it from sand and gravel. However, their production method is unusual: the player must follow a Concrete Dust and Water recipe that is not like Crafting Concrete directly.

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Check out, in the tutorial below, how to make concrete in Minecraft. Remember that the game is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch, PC and Android phones, and iPhone ( iOS ) – previously, the version for smartphones was called Minecraft PE, the Pocket Edition.

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Concrete Block is a unique block type in Minecraft, as it undergoes transformations outside of the player’s Craft screen. Through Craft, it is only possible to create Concrete Powder, a block that is similar to Sand but which, when it comes in contact with Water or Lava, hardens into a Concrete Block – and is resistant to construction. When it’s still in its Concrete Dust form, the best way to extract it is with a Shovel. However, after becoming a Concrete Block, you must use a Pickaxe.

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How to make concrete in Minecraft

Step 1. Get some sand and gravel blocks. At least four blocks of sand and four blocks of gravel are required for each concrete block;

Step 2. Create a Dye to color the Concrete block. In this case, we will use White Dye created from Skeleton Bone and Bone Bran as an example;

Step 3. On a Work Table, gather the three ingredients to create Concrete Powder;

Step 4. Now create a controlled area to expose the Concrete Dust to Water;

Step 5. Put the Concrete Powder and Water in contact and it will become a Concrete Block;

Step 6. Collect the Concrete Block with a Pickaxe to add it to your inventory and use it in future construction.

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