How to make a ladder in Minecraft

Ladders are very useful items in Minecraft, not only allowing you to reach higher places without having to destroy the scenery but also serving as decoration. The most curious thing is that the original creator of the game, Markus “ Notch ”, was against implementing the item initially. But, need spoke louder than personal opinions. Learn how to make a ladder in Minecraft (by hand) or where to find them in-game.

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What are the real uses?

In addition to climbing up and down from high places, ladders can be creative decorations for homes or environments, simulating overhead fences. They can be placed on virtually any block except Redstone and observer.

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In some cases, stairs also serve to create a “path” with a certain type of blocks, such as lava or water. It doesn’t always work, but it is possible to try and see the result during the experiment. The important thing is that, in the end, the main use is really to create vertical paths inside Minecraft.

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What is the difference between the common and the ladder

There are two types of ladders in Minecraft: the ladder, which is the subject of this text, and the common ladder. The common one is on the floor, positioned between blocks or with several copies glued together, forming traditional staircases.

The common stairs are used to generate stairs so that your character climbs without needing to jump. But they’re not exactly portable, as they’re time-consuming to destroy and take up space that isn’t always feasible. The ladders are portable and stick to any surface in a practical way: on the wall, floor or ceiling.

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How to make a ladder

To create the ladder in Minecraft, the player also needs the workbench, it is not possible to do it by hand or freely anywhere.

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After that, just have seven sticks in the character’s inventory.

Sticks, in turn, are generated from tree wood.

The process is simple:

  • Open the workbench;
  • Go to the item building creation field;
  • Select the ladder.

Now, just use the ladder as you like, in one of the Minecraft environments, either to climb or as decorations. It is also common, although not so common, to find stairs in villages and chests inside dungeons or sunken ships.


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