How to make paper in Minecraft [and use it to create things]

It may not seem like it, but the paper is one of the most important and relevant items in Minecraft. It is with him that we create the basis for the development of other commonly used objects, such as books, compasses, fireworks, or maps. Learn how to make paper in Minecraft and some tips on where to use it.

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Paper can be created or found. On the map, you can find it in chests scattered around villages, fortresses, or ships. In Bedrock Edition, consoles, Windows 10, and mobile, only in strongholds. The other alternative, of course, is to create it.

Paper creation involves growing sugar cane, an item that is naturally generated in the world of Minecraft.

To be able to create paper, in addition to the workbench, it is necessary to have only three sugarcane units in your inventory. With this, the game allows you to create three paper units. Take the ingredients to the counter and do the following:

  • Open the workbench;
  • Go to “Items”;
  • Choose “Paper”.

The role will be created automatically and released into your inventory if there is room.

How to use paper in Minecraft

Paper has no practical use alone, it is always combined with other items to form new objects. It’s not even good for attacking efficiently or for building and mining the environment. Mixing paper and assorted items with a workbench allow you to generate books and more gear for the adventure.

Find out some of the most important possibilities:

  • Two papers + Four wooden boards = Cartography bench
  • A paper + Brick = Brick-shaped flag design
  • One paper + Creeper Head = Creeper-shaped flag design
  • One paper + Apple = Apple-shaped flag design
  • One paper + Gunpowder = Fireworks
  • Three Papers + One Leather = Book
  • Eight Papers + Compass = Map (Consoles)
  • Nine roles = Map ( Java )

The settings are varied and it’s up to the player to decide what they want to create with the role. If it has no use, of course, the option is to keep it in a chest for future use. However, be sure to cultivate sugarcane in order to always have a possible generation of paper in its manufacture and not go out of stock without warning.

When in doubt, try combining papers with other miscellaneous items to see if any as-yet-unknown recipes are created.


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