8 castle seeds for Minecraft PC version!

Minecraft seeds are very useful to start the game in the place you want. Today we bring 10 Castle Seeds for those who want a medieval experience in the most diverse biomes. Desert, snow, mountain, and even ocean are some of the strongholds for the toughest survivors in this game!

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NOTE: the seeds below only work on Minecraft Java and Legacy Edition. Do not try other versions as they will not work.

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Tutorial: How to make the seeds work

First of all, note that there are seeds and that there is a map for each castle. First, you will download the map and install it in your game. Follow these steps:

  • Download the file
  • Extract files to your desktop
  • Find the .minecraft folder fil
  • Search within this file for the save files
  • Copy them to your save file folder where your Minecraft is installed
  • Now start the game in Single Player mode and search for the world you just installed
  • It may take some searching as it sits in the middle of all existing worlds
  • To spawn directly from the castle, select “Create new” at the top of the worlds menu
  • Click on “Create New World”
  • Go to the empty box in the “Seed” field
  • Paste the seed code you want
  • Click on “Create” to access the world and it will appear inside the castle

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Simple medieval castle

This Seed brings a classic castle from the Middle Ages, which is not that big. That’s why it’s great to compose a larger construction, like a complete medieval village, where this castle is the center of everything. You have watchtowers, high walls, villagers and, best of all, hidden treasure chests!

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Download the map.

Castle on top of the mountain

This castle is much more complex, as it has several outbuildings, which makes it bigger than the previous one. It is located on top of the mountain, ideal for those who want to live in a place that is more protected from enemies. Furthermore, this building is completely empty, leaving the interior design to its resident.

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Download the map.

Stronghold HQ

One of the biggest strongholds you can have with a Seed. It has 3 more towers than the first on the list, one more floor, a drawbridge, and dozens of rooms and rooms inside. It’s perfect for playing survival with friends as it can be turned into a beautiful HQ.

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Download the map.

President’s Palace

This castle is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, as it’s actually not so much a fortress as a grand palace. At the same time, it has 4 mighty towers and high walls and could be the center of a large complex. By the way, there’s nothing inside, no rooms, we only recommend using it as a prison for enemies or something like that.

Download the map.

wooden castle

A very complete wooden castle, surrounded by water and being close to a large river that serves for transporting goods. The entire terrain is huge, also containing villagers and a battle arena. Serves very well for minigames with friends.

Download the map.

Castle the size of a city

Our sixth castle is GIANT in terms of territory size. It comes with a settlement for villagers and an open courtyard almost as big as the fortress itself. It’s surrounded by the ocean and a deserted village, so there’s plenty of room around it to explore and build!

Download the map.

Snow fortress

If you want something further north, in the cold, we have the perfect castle. This fortress in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lots of white, has a village at its feet, so it’s really ideal for those who want to shelter from all dangers. It is decorated and furnished from the inside, so don’t worry about that for now. Just move!

Download the map.

guild castle

This castle is visually one of the most beautiful on the list. He has nothing to do with the medieval appearance of others. It is built in stone, over a stream, made of wood, glass, and other materials that together make it even more beautiful. If you can apply a texture mod then it gets even better!

Download the map.


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