How to Make Modern Houses ideas in Minecraft [Decoration]

Minecraft is a very good game at its best: freedom. It lets the player do whatever they want, depending only on their available resources. The game is worth a lot of your creativity and, of course, free time to build everything. Check out tips on how to make modern houses in Minecraft, with or without decoration details.

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Houses in Minecraft

A house in Minecraft can be just about anything: a hole in a mountain, a structure made of just a few pieces of wood…

The most common is using concrete blocks to start a basic and initial construction, but it’s not always easy to make concrete in Minecraft.

The main objective of the house is to have a place to house your character and, in a way, store items in chests, your workbench, and have a bed to sleep.

What needs to be understood is that there is no recipe for making houses and that goes for traditional or modern examples. There is simply no right or wrong in the game.

How to make modern houses in Minecraft

There are videos on YouTube with millimetric tutorials, indicating the amount of certain material to build your modern house in Minecraft, but they are just that: tutorials for you to copy a house that someone has already made.

If you want to produce your own house, with modern tones, the most you can do is try to understand some Minecraft concepts and know-how to create specific items within the game. Below you will find some Tech blog links on how to develop these items that will help you in all kinds of decorations.

With many of these items, it is already possible to create and decorate very interesting and different houses. Don’t limit yourself, use and abuse your creativity and follow your own taste.

What really matters is learning how to make them – and these are just a few examples.

Examples of modern houses

Not every item of a modern home exists in Minecraft. A sofa, for example, must be created manually, joined blocks by blocks. You can also use small sticky boards to stick other items to walls and create signs.

In the houses shown in the images in this text, for example, many of the resources listed in the links above have been used. In addition, other elements of nature itself, such as flowers and fruits, give an even more modern environment to your home in Minecraft – find out how to plant seeds, which can help you in the process.


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