Minecraft Seeds: See 13 Worlds You Can Create Without Cheats

Minecraft is one of the best sandboxes ever created. Building, exploring, and interacting with creatures are some of the most fun things in the game. But if you want to speed up the whole world-building process, seeds are what you need. With them, you’ll start the game already in a place that contains the elements you want!

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For those who don’t know, Minecraft seeds are codes that we add to the game before it starts. In this article, we bring you some of the best and funniest code out there and teach you how to use it! Check out!

30 best Minecraft PE seeds to create worlds on mobile

Castaway world

Anyone who likes the idea of ​​starting on an abandoned island, this seed is ideal. But when we talk about abandonment, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have good rewards. There are TNT, a diamond, enchanted items, and other good possibilities. The best part is that this place is very close to where you appear.

Seed: -573947210

City of the boat

The boat city is another really cool seed. You create a village in which in the center there is a giant boat parked in the middle, on land. We don’t know how he got there, but its existence is at least curious. Near the city there is an ocean, with ruins and with another boat, now submerged.

Seed: -613756530319979507

Temple in the middle of the forest

If you want to explore a forest and find a temple in the best El Dorado style, this is your chance. This location also has a river, which if crossed will lead to a watchtower facing the sea. You can imagine that if there is a watchtower, there are certainly dangers in the temple or in the forest, right?

Seed: 2029492581

Blacksmith’s mines

Until you start exploring the village, everything looks like a common Minecraft scenario Seeds. At first glance, it will look like a blacksmith village, just like all the others out there. But soon you’ll discover a complex of caves that will lead so far underground that you’ll come to a pool of lava.

Seed: 927605758

Land of ice

One of the most different seeds of all, as it literally puts you to live in the middle of the ice. It’s an iceberg in all directions, which can be a dream for those who always wanted to build their ice castle. The problem is that you go out on an island, and surviving here might not be the easiest task.

Seed: -1086590626

Submerged corals

After submerged corals were added to Minecraft Seeds, the game got even more beautiful. Well, what this seed does is creates a beautiful underwater world ready for you to explore. In addition to any treasures, the biggest gem is even the view you’ll have down there.

Seed: 527517686

Amazing looting water village

Anyone who likes to looting is in the ideal seed. You’ll stop next to a nice little village, with bridges over water and lots of greenery. The best part is that it has plenty to pick up: 7 obsidian blocks, 9 metal ingots, 2 gold ingots, an iron helmet and breastplate, an iron pickaxe, and 3 diamonds. Beard, isn’t it?

Seed: 66830

Temple in the desert

Some say that this world arose from a problem in Minecraft codes. Anyway, it formed a temple buried in the sand of a desert. There is a village nearby, but the best thing is to explore the temple and find horse mounts, emeralds, gold, golden apples, and other very valuable items.

Seed: -854994388


Surviving in Minecraft is much easier if you have a secure roof over your head. This seed lets you start the game right in a huge mansion filled with all the resources you need. Why go exploring forests in search of a cabin when you can practically have a fort from the start?

Seed: 113560767

Floating Islands

Yes, you can build floating islands in Minecraft. Is easy? Not! Delay? For sure! So if you want to live on islands that are suspended in the air, this seed is your chance. Just turn right and keep walking in a straight line from where you appear and you’ll see this little beauty.

Seed: 8061648139126237361

zombie village

If you want a little more challenge, use this seed to add zombies to the game. It’s going to be The Walking Dead with blocks, but you need to go through the options and set the time for the night. Otherwise, the undead will crumble to pieces in the sunlight.

Seed: -1956807938

Floating island and deep abyss

deep Minecraft abyss
Credit: Planet Minecraft

This seed brings an island with a very peculiar shape, resembling a bird. Well, everything to see, since the island is floating in the sky. Beyond it, there is a very deep abyss, whose mysteries no one knows. And next to that there is still a forest with a temple. Plenty for you to explore.

Seed: frt7g5

Lava mountain surrounded by desert

Here there is a fusion of biomes, which is spectacular for anyone who wants to have a very unusual view while playing. We have a mountain of lava surrounded by desert, with green vegetation, a temple, a village, and even water. An insane mix, but it works and will be worth the visit.

Seed: 1168863261

How to create new worlds using seeds?

It’s very easy to enter the seed codes into the game. First, go to the Create a World screen, enter the More World Options section and click on World Type. Now go to Infinity, typing or pasting the codes copied above into the Seed for the World Generator part. Once that’s done, choose the mode you’re going to play and finish by pressing Create New World.

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