The 15 best multiplayer horror games for PC in 2022!

The multiplayer horror games never go out of style. With so many weighty titles, some have great multiplayer modes, whether PvP (player vs player) or cooperative, that can take the fun to a new level. Being able to feel the tension and suspense together with friends or others around the world is something that continues to attract many players. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 15 best multiplayer horror games to play in 2021 below. Check it out!

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Dead by Daylight

Starting with the main representative of multiplayer horror games, Dead by Daylight doesn’t even have a Campaign or single-player mode. The game takes place in 5-player matches divided into 4 Survivors and 1 macabre and ultra-powerful Assassin who must find and kill them in various macabre ways. Each game has a randomly generated map, so it’s not possible to learn hideouts or memorize strategies.

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Great graphics, sound effects, and inspirations are taken from the most famous horror villains in the world make Dead by Daylight one of the biggest references among horror games.

Last Year

Last Year follows the same mold as Dead by Daylight, putting 5 players to survive the attacks of a 6th, who takes control of a murderous demon. Each player can choose a kind of “class” that allows them to acquire unique abilities to help the team survive. Likewise, players who control demons also have a variety of options, choosing between more strategic or more aggressive monsters.

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Hide and Shriek

Hide and Shriek is one of the most interesting multiplayer horror games where two players face off in 1v1 matches of 10 minutes. The objective is very simple: scare your opponent as much as possible. The “confrontation” takes place at night in an empty school, and both players are invisible to each other. In this state, they must set various scary traps (involving loud screams and sudden visual effects) to accumulate points on top of the opponent. Whoever gave the most scares at the end of the game is the winner.

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Dead Realm

Dead Realm puts up to 8 players in the same game, 1 of them being a ghost and the other humans. The ghost’s role is to find the other players to turn them into more ghosts. The role of humans, of course, is to hide and avoid getting caught by the ghost. The graphics are very good and the environments are very immersive. With several effects designed to scare, Dead Realm is a great option not only to play but also to watch.

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Much like Dead Realm, Damned matches take place with 4 surviving players and 1 monster. The objective of the survivors is to find their way out of the haunted scenarios (hotels, hospitals, etc). The monster’s objective is to kill everyone and, for that, the player can choose from several available options, with each monster carrying its own abilities.

White Noise 2

White Noise 2 is an indie horror game that also has an exclusive multiplayer focus. Here, 4 players take on the role of investigators who need to gather clues while being chased by a monster, which could be another player or even an NPC. Characters have their own abilities and players must use a series of items to stay alive.

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2

Changing the theme a little, Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 is a multiplayer horror game in the best “Jaws” style. Here, up to 8 players can battle underwater under the risk as long as a killer shark appears to kill everyone. The game has several modes and it is even possible for one of the players to take control of the shark.


Deceit puts six players in a very macabre scenario, two of whom are actually infected monsters and aiming to eliminate the others. The greatest fun of the game is that the infected monsters look the same as other players, so the gameplay revolves around finding out who the villains are. Deceit requires a lot of teamwork, instincts, and a lot of attention. As the name of the game suggests, everything in the scenario will trick you into paranoia setting in, and tension building.

Friday the 13th

The game totally inspired by the famous killer Jason. Here, a group of 6 players assume the role of students in the classic Camp Crystal Lake and must survive the attacks of a seventh player, responsible for controlling the macabre Jason. The “victims” can use numerous tools to try to survive or even defeat the villain. Likewise, Jason can use various abilities to murder victims in brutal ways. It is also possible to choose between different versions of Jason, according to the many films.


Another killer shark game, Depth is very similar to Shark Attack Deathmatch. The matches take place between divers and sharks. Divers are tasked with collecting treasures from the bottom of the sea to upgrade their arsenal and equipment. The sharkā€¦ needs to destroy all the other players. You can choose between 7 different species, each with its own abilities.

Secret Neighbor

Secret Newt is a horror game with a more childlike style. Following the same style as most of the games on this list, here you join a team of kids who broke into a neighbor’s basement to rescue a friend. However, one of the players is the Neighbor himself, who must disguise himself in various ways to deceive the other players. The children’s goal is to invade the basement, while the Neighbor must deceive them with various artifices and gadgets throughout the house. The great thing about the game is that, even if it’s a cooperative game, you can’t even trust your friends.

Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear is a psychological horror game with a long campaign that allows cooperative mode. In it, up to 4 players explore a haunted city full of monsters and ghostly creatures. The game has a strong emphasis on immersion and the “cinematic” factor, so it always conveys uncomfortable tension rather than scares.

Stay Out

Stay Out is a horror MMORPG with lots of survival and shooting elements. From a 3rd person perspective, where you join many other players in devastated scenarios and with scarce resources.

The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club is a fully cooperative 1st person horror game. Here, up to 4 players team up to complete various missions generated randomly according to player level. The game revolves around a mystery in which some townspeople wake up in random places, wondering how they got there. During the matches, players will have access to the most diverse items and skills to solve problems.


Pacify has an unusual story. Here you control an employee responsible for finding out if a house is haunted, and then obtaining evidence of it. It turns out that yes, the house is inhabited by a demon that has a little girl periodically, and it’s up to the players to find a way to pacify the evil, in each stage.

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