The 15 best Next level games for Android!

Stage games: who doesn’t love? The game model that appeals to our nostalgia and reminds us of the first games of our childhood continues with everything today, even on cell phones. For those who are a fan of this captivating little model, we’ve gathered below a list of the 15 best level games for Android. Check out!

Best Offline Games for Android 

Rayman Adventures Next level games

Download Rayman Adventures here

Rayman Adventures puts you in control of the charismatic Rayman, a magical creature without arms, legs, and neck but full of magical abilities. The game has amazing graphics, an eye-popping colorful visual identity, and numerous endearing characters. If you’re already a Rayman fan, you can’t miss this game. If not, what are you waiting for?

39 Best Android Games

Swordman: Reforged

Download Swordman: Reforged here

Swordman: Reforged is a platform action RPG. The game has very childish graphics that give a very comical air to combats. Here, each hero has his own abilities that must be used to explore the numerous dungeons and defeat the (lovely) bosses. To help, you’ll be able to craft and strengthen new items and weapons.

Badland Next level games

Download Badland here

Badland is an award-winning platform game in which you just need to fly through the scenery without dying to obstacles. Even with a simple premise, Badland is a challenging game due to the complicated physics with which the character flies, very reminiscent of the Flappy Bird phenomenon (but much better done). With great graphics and sound effects, Badland is deserving of the awards received.

Vector Next level games

Download Vector here

Vector is a game of stages in which you control a parkour practitioner who walks around the scene doing different tricks. Even with its very simple commands, its more elaborate maneuvers require skill and take time to master. The game’s graphics are also very simple, but its animations are very fluid. Definitely an addictive game.

Magic Rampage

Download Magic Rampage here

Another platform action RPG, Magic Rampage has everything you’d expect from a game of this genre: multiple classes, items, dungeons, secret rooms, dragons, monsters, and more, all in 16-bit style. In addition to the Campaign, the game also has several online modes and even a competitive mode where you can compete against other players in a dungeon created randomly.

Apple Knight: Action Platformer

Download Apple Knight: Action Platformer here

Apple Knight: Action Platformer is another game with a minimalist design, but with very well-done animations. The game mixes classic platform game elements with more modern ones like achievement systems, skins, and customizable touchscreen commands.

Ninja Arashi

Download Ninja Arashi here

Ninja Arashi is an extremely addictive game where you control a legendary Ninja in order to rescue your child from a demon. The game’s animations are very well designed and the addictive gameplay will keep you stuck for hours as you try to complete over 100 levels.


Download Darklings here

Darklings is another award-winning level game where you control Lum, a being of light who must defeat all the Darklings to drive the darkness out of the world. For this, you must face several waves of enemies drawing patterns on the screen on your mobile. Even with the minimalistic graphics, the game action is frantic and you can’t take your finger off the screen even for 1 second!

That Level Again

Download That Level Again here

Probably the most original and creative game on this list. That Level Again puts you on the same level over and over again, but with each new level, the way to complete its changes, and all the player has is a little hint on what to do. The answers for each level not only involve elements on the screen but also commands on your own phone, such as increasing or decreasing the brightness, turning the screen, etc.

Blown Away: First Try (Free Demo)

Download Blown Away: First Try here

Now the quality starts to increase. Blown Away: First Try is a very captivating game with cartoony graphics that are very similar to Cuphead. Here you control a creature capable of teleporting around the scene as long as you have enough energy. To get through the more than 120 stages of the game, you’ll need to improve your teleport skills and make good use of them to overcome precipices, obstacles, and walls. The game is free up to level 30!

Reaper (Free Demo)

Get Reaper here

Reaper is a very content-rich phased action RPG. As you progress, it is possible to unlock numerous equipment and abilities that greatly modify the character’s attributes. All this in a 3D setting with very well-crafted visual and sound effects. The game is free up to level 10. Check it out!

Contre Jour (Paid)

Buy Contre Jour here

Contre Jour is a level game full of puzzles in which you need to interact with the elements of the scenario, controlling them as necessary. To do this, you’ll need to make various movements on the screen in order to create portals, slingshots, tentacles, fans, and much more. Without a doubt, a game that challenges your creativity.

World of Goo (Paid)

Get World of Goo here

World of Goo is a famous and award-winning level game in which you need to control several goods in order for them to reach the end of the level. To do this, you should use them to create well-built structures that link them to your goals. The game’s physics is your biggest enemy, as if the structures are poorly built, they can break or fall, thus killing your slimes. Very addictive!
Botanicula (Paid)

Purchase Botaniicula here

Purchase Botaniicula here

Another hugely awarded game, Botanicula is one of the most beautiful and highly rated titles on this list. The adventure takes place in point and clicks style where you just click on the correct elements on the screen. Each scenario is filled with puzzles so well designed and constructed that the game looks more like an interactive painting

Limbo (Paid)

Get Limbo here

Finally, a game that has won over 100 awards! Limbo has been described as “genius”, “masterpiece”, “disturbing” and “beautiful” at the same time. Here you control a boy who, in search of his sister, enters a world of darkness called Limbo. With several puzzles and obstacles to overcome, the game has incredibly well-made animations and very immersive soundtrack.

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