The 10 best Roblox anime games in 2022!

With such a large game collection, no theme is left out of Roblox. This time, for anyone who is an anime fan, we’ve brought below a list of the 10 best games of their kind on the platform. We’ve tried to keep the list quite varied in terms of the genre so you’ll find your favorite characters in the middle of RPGs, adventure, action, fighting, and even tower defense! Check out!

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Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand

Probably Roblox’s most famous anime game, Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand is obviously inspired by the huge phenomenon of anime and manga. Here you can choose from several races present in the series, each with its own abilities and transformations. The game also features missions, PVP, tier system, own economy, and much more.

Play Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand in Roblox

Attack on Titan: Downfall

Attack on Titan: Downfall is heavily inspired by the first season of the hit Attack on Titan. Here we participate in several battles against titans through the streets of Karanesu. The movement and fight mechanics are very well worked and, as in the anime, it is possible to move through the air with great freedom and speed. The game also recognizes the body parts you hit the titans so that you can plan the best way to defeat them, such as attacking the legs to take them down and then exploiting the weak spot.

Play Attack on Titan: Downfall on Roblox

Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is a great mix of several successful animes like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, etc. Here the only objective is to infinitely level up and fight other players using the most iconic skills in the anime world. Despite the simplicity, the easy progression system makes the game very addictive and fun.

Check out Anime Fighting Simulator

Grand Piece

Inspired by One Piece, Grand Piece is an adventure game with all the elements of anime. Here we can join crews, travel across islands and seas, find treasure, learn skills, fight bosses, and much more. The scenarios are very faithful to One Piece and we can even find devil fruits.

Play Grand Piece in Roblox!

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is another game inspired by the One Piece universe. This time, the gameplay is much more battle-focused, as we only need to choose between being a great swordsman or a devil’s fruit user, and then do battle. The game has almost 1500 levels for you to level (!!!) and several different fruits for you to vary your powers.

Play Blox Fruits at Roblox

Attack on Titan: Last Breath

More than one Attack on Titan. Last Breath fully focuses on a cooperative experience where players can team up to battle titans across various anime scenarios. The game is quite complete by Roblox standards and features a PVP mode, cosmetics to acquire, mounts, and much more.

Play Attack on Titan: Last Breath in Roblox

All Star Tower Defense

As you might already imagine, All-Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game with several characters from famous animes. Each one has its own characteristics and utilities that you must know and evolve to overcome the waves of enemies. The game also allows you to play cooperatively in a story mode and an infinite “survival”.

Play All Start Tower Defense on Roblox

Shindo Life

Shindo Life is inspired by the anime Shinobi Life and is a classic RPG with all the elements of the genre. Here we can create and customize our character, explore a vast open-world, level up, upgrade equipment, etc. Of course, the game’s theme also follows the same as the anime, both in locations and skills and in missions.

Play Shindo Life on Roblox

Ninja Tycoon

Ninja Tycoon is a Naruto-inspired game in which you can customize your character in numerous ways. You can learn skills from different characters, unlock new skins for famous anime looks, battle, level up, and much more. The game has a very established economy of its own and combats are more interesting than they seem, as each skill has its own attributes and effects.

Play Ninja Tycoon in Roblox


Inspired by the Tokyo Ghoul anime, Ro-ghoul is a fighting game in which you have to choose between two rival factions, level up, and battle a lot. The game has a very refined state and level system, as well as several difficult bosses to defeat. Battles also involve various mechanics like defenses, abilities, special moves, different weapons, and much more.

Play Ro-ghoul in Roblox


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