The 12 best scary horror games from Roblox 2022!

The Roblox platform has many top-quality horror games. Dark scenes, macabre sounds, hideous beings. When everything on your screen only serves to create tension, even a drop of water can be a big scare.

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roblox horror games

Check out the 12 scariest horror games in Roblox below! As is customary on the platform, most of them are multiplayer, but we also selected some single-player for you to enjoy a solo campaign.

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The Rake

The Rake is one of Roblox’s most famous multiplayer horror games. Here the objective is just to survive the advances of a scary creature that wants to kill every player on the server. The match lasts for one night in the game and whoever lasts until the end wins.

What makes the game very frightening is the constant darkness and the fact that the field of view is limited to the range of your torch. During the game you can hear all kinds of scary sound effects, as well as disturbing images and scenarios from all sides, making the atmosphere of tension constant.

Access The Rake no Roblox

Stop it, Slender!

Stop it, Slender! is Roblox’s version of the famous horror game Slender Man. The objective here is the same: collect a set number of pages before the famous villain reaches you. The gameplay remains faithful to the franchise’s official games and also resembles that of The Rake, with very dark scenes and very macabre sound effects.

Jogue Stop it, Slender!

Dead Silence

In Dead Silence, the objective is to investigate the death of a ventriloquist named Mary. The game is based on a 2007 horror movie and allows up to 4 players to cooperatively participate in the mission. Unlike most horror games in Roblox, Dead Silence has a story that is revealed bit by bit as you go along. You can expect a lot of scares!

Play Dead Silence!

Dead by Roblox

Dead by Roblox is a game inspired by the hit Dead by Daylight. Here, 4 players take on the role of survivors while the last one is a serial killer responsible for stalking and killing others. During matches, players will need to split up to play different roles like repairing vehicles, distracting the villain, or healing allies.

Confira Dead by Roblox

The Maze

The Maze is another one of Roblox’s famous horror games. The game is marked by numerous scares with well-crafted sound effects. Like most of the games on this list, The Maze is also multiplayer and the gameplay takes place in a cave full of monsters with the goal of killing all players. Throughout the games, it is possible to find items to help with survival and exploration of the various areas of the game. The game receives constant updates and, therefore, does not have a defined ending yet.

Play now The Maze

It Lurks

It Lurks is considered by many to be Roblox’s scariest game. Unlike most games on the platform, this one is single-player and consists of an interactive story full of mysteries, scares, and macabre moments. In all, the story has 5 chapters that take place in different locations. The game is very silent so every noise caused is a potential scare.

Jogue It Lurks no Roblox

They Lurk

They Lurk is the sequel to It Lurks. Like the first title, They Lurk already has 5 playable chapters and more are in development. The game goes along the same lines as before, with an air of constant tension as the player figure out what needs to be done. Of course, there is no shortage of scares here either.

Acesse They Lurk no Roblox

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is another single-player horror game on Roblox. Here you take on the role of an investigator of paranormal events who has been called in to purge a haunted house. The goal here is to find a specific CD and play it to release the demonic entity before it becomes too strong.

Play Finders Keepers

Dark Wood

Dark Wood is a Slender Man-style multiplayer survival game. Here you appear in a very dark scenario and need to collect items to help survive against monsters that want to kill everyone. The game has several maps and modes to choose from and allows players to also take on the role of hideous creatures.

Check out the Dark Wood game

Batty’s Rooms

Batty’s Rooms is a point-and-click horror escape game. The objective here is to complete a series of puzzles with items found in the scene before a being named Batty finds it. Each level has a set amount of time for you to complete, and sound effects help keep the tension from building up. The game also has several difficulty levels and maps to choose from.

Jogue Batty’s Rooms!

Record 5325

Record 5325 is a totally mysterious horror game. The story is not explained at any point in the game. As you explore the dismal scenarios, several macabre elements present themselves without much coherence, which further heightens the sense of confusion, which is perfect for a horror game!

Play Record 5325!

Silent Limbo

Silent Limbo is a horror and mystery game that you can play alone or with other players. Here the objective is to explore a house located in the middle of nowhere and full of secrets. The game has more content than most games of its kind on Roblox, and with each secret revealed or item found, new areas are unlocked.

Play Silent Limbo!


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