How to create a map in ROBLOX: a tutorial with 4 simple steps

Creating a map in ROBLOX is very easy. You don’t have to be a gaming architecture professional to get it! And we prove it by teaching you in this article how to do that. We made a quick tutorial, objective, and simple to be understood. It applies to any game you want.

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Creating maps in Roblox
Create your own worlds!

Step 1: opening the map

The first step is to open ROBLOX on the main page. Once there, click on Develop next to Catalog and Forums in the top menu. A screen will open where you will see various things you can create. Among them is the map, which here is called Places. So click Create Location.

Now the next page will show several map styles you can create. Are they:

  • Baseplate
  • flat terrain
  • village
  • castle
  • Suburban
  • racing
  • pirate island
  • western
  • city
  • obby
  • starting place
  • line runner
  • infinite runner
  • capture the flag
  • team
  • combat

You will choose one of them and at the bottom, you will click on Create Place. If you choose the first one from the list, you will have a blank screen to create everything from scratch. The others are themed and give you a certain kind of help.

Step 2: Edit the map in Roblox Studio

The first thing to do when inside ROBLOX Studio is to create your first block. To do this, right-click and select Insert Part. Your first brick will appear on the map.

By holding CTRL + 1 after selecting the block, you can drag it wherever you want. If you press CTRL + 2 , you can change the height of the brick, which is also important to know. But the CTRL + 3 extends the block, increasing its size. And CTRL + 4 makes the block rotate.

From now on you can create as many blocks as you like, editing them according to your taste and preferences. If you want to change the color, in the menu on the right side of the ROBLOX Studio screen there is the Brick Color section. There you can edit the color of each block created.

In this same part, you can change the material. It can be plastic, wood, iron, among other types. The important thing is that you use your creativity to add the items you want to your map. Remember: you can create everything with ROBLOX Studio, as long as you have the patience to explore all the features of the tool.

The Toolbox menu on the left side is where you select the different types of items that can be added to your map. A tip here is that any and all objects can remain static, without moving, if you want.

To do this, select an object, block. In the menu at the top click on Anchor and nothing in this world will make him move.

Step 3: Bringing your character to the map

The last step is one of the most important, of course: bringing the avatar into the fun! In Toolbox click on Models and change to ROBLOX sets. Go down the bar a little until you find the spawn called Neutral. Click on it and it will appear on your map immediately. It is in this spawn that your character will appear.

Go to the top menu, on the Test tab. Give the Play and that’s it: there will appear the avatar on the spawn. Now you can control it with your little map normally.

Step 4: saving the map

We know you might not be able to build an entire map in a few hours or just one day. It takes time to get perfect. In this case, it’s important to save your file so you don’t lose everything you’ve built.

To do this, go to the top menu and click on File. There you will have several options. You can just click Save as… if you’re not done yet, causing it to create a draft. Or in Publish to ROBLOX as… when the map is completely ready.

In the latter case, you can still edit it whenever you want, so don’t worry if you think something is missing.

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