Shooting Minecraft: best free pixel shooters!

Shooting Minecraft is a type of FPS (First Person Shooter) with pixelated graphics. It’s ideal for anyone who likes the Minecraft block look and at the same time wants an intense and quality shooting experience. In this article, we brought the 10 best games of the genre. Check out!

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Pixel Warfare

Play Pixel Warfare now

Pixel Warfare features a variety of game modes, including a Deathmatch mode in which two teams fight for the domination of territory. You can play solo too, which is a lot of fun if you choose to fight zombies. There are dozens of weapons, including snipers, shotguns, pistols, and grenades.

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The PRO version, which can be obtained from Steam, features more players per game, improved graphics and visual effects, and a map editor. It is programmed in the future modes of editing characters, weapons, and also vehicles, to make the game more and more complete.

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Krunker is a furious game full of speed and rhythm. It’s a mix of Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Roblox, but with over 1000 maps available for you to engage in intense battles with your friends and strangers. It brings the famous zombie mode, plus an exclusive Parkour mode.

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The game features cosmetics, such as skins and clothing, so you can stand out from the thousands of online players that populate Krunker. As it’s a browser game, it’s free and accessible to virtually any player. It’s lightweight, yet optimized, so it’s unlikely to suffer from annoying crashes.

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Play DoomCraft now

DoomCraft is just what the name suggests: Doom, but with pixelated graphics similar to Minecraft. You start with a pistol, in a dark corridor, and must walk the path until you find the exit. Of course, on this journey, dozens of demons will appear, which you will need to eliminate to accomplish the objective.

Best of all is the absence of music and the long, silent hallways. Anything can happen and come your way out of nowhere, which gives a huge sense of fear and is quite fun, even if you like horror games.


Download Unturned on Steam

Unturned is a classic of pixel games, but 100% focused on fighting zombies. Your mission is to survive the zombies and not become one of them. For this you can take the violent approach, shooting all enemies, or you can be more stealthy. We even have special abilities like invisibility.

Another very good point of Unturned is that it is really survival. Therefore, the collection of resources such as meat, vegetables, and fruits is essential in order not to starve. Protect yourself from storms and snow. Make a fire so you don’t die from the cold. And, of course, prevent the buzz from finding you.

Block Strike

Download Block Strike from Play Store

Block Strike has excellent graphics for a pixelated game. In addition to visual excellence, it features at least 24 game modes. You can play the famous Deathmatch, but there is the Escort mode, Survival, and you can fight zombies or even disarm bombs before your time.

This game features 70 maps, 40 different weapons, and the option of character customization. This happens through skins, exactly like what we found in Fortnite.

Block Gun: FPS PvP War

Download Block Gun from Play Store

Block Gun: FPS PvP War brings a war theme and a lot of focus on PvP battles. Both single and multiplayer modes try to bring an experience close to that of larger games in mechanics and gameplay, such as Call of Duty. This can be seen in the setting, which is even well made for a pixelated game, and in the weapons, which are all copies of real weapons.

Just like other “shooting Minecraft”, Block Gun has a zombie mode. In this case, the zombies can be your teammates turned undead, bringing something unexpected to the game.

Pixel Gun 3D

Download Pixel Gun 3D from the Play Store

A Battle Royale could not be missing! Pixel Gun 3D has its great advantage in Battle Royale mode since in the rest it is quite similar to the other games presented so far. It also has 800 weapons and 100 unique and exclusive maps for you to play.

Altogether there are 10 game modes, mini-games, and weekly battle challenges. Create clans and earn points for your group in team warfare. If you want to have a look of your own, Pixel Gun 3D has a look editor and several different costumes and skins to apply to your avatar.


Download GunCrafter from the Play Store

In GunCrafter the mission is to create one or several firearms to participate in online shooting competitions. It’s a game focused on competition and rising in rankings. As you climb the rankings and participate in competitions, you unlock accessories and items to improve your weapons.

And if you have VR glasses, you can use them to play games. The cell phone becomes the weapon, taking the experience to a much more fun level.

Pixel Combat Franchise

Download Pixel Combat from the Play Store

Let’s give you an entire franchise. The Pixel Combat series has the following editions:

  • Zombies Strike
  • World of Guns

Zombies Strike is insane: you must keep the defense in a house, preventing zombies from invading. Meanwhile, build a time machine to avoid the zombie crisis and save everyone. World of Guns is the continuation of Zombies Strike, with new weapons and dozens of locations to explore.

LastCraft Survival

Download LastCraft Survival from Play Store

LasCraft Survival is more of an MMO than an FPS, but it deserves its place on the list. It takes place in an apocalyptic world, where your enemies are zombies or just anything that comes your way. The game’s highlight is its giant open world, which only expands as you complete quests.

As it’s survival, you have the resource management and shelter building part. This part is essential for your survival, so it’s no use shooting without taking care of the defense. Of all the lists, LastCraft is one of the most complete, as it brings gameplay for dozens of hours.

Other “Minecraft Shooting” style games for Android

In our review, we found that there are dozens of Minecraft-style shooting games. The games shown above are the most different and unique ones that exist right now.

The others, however, bring the same proposal: the same game modes, similar graphics, and similar gameplay. So let’s list below what these other options are, in case you want more Android games of the genre. All are available for free on the Play Store:

  • Pixel Strike
  • Block City Wars
  • Pixel Gun Shooter 3D
  • Ghost Pixel Gun: 3D
  • Mental Gun 3D: Pixel FPS Shooter
  • Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World
  • Pixel Grand Battle 3D
  • Pixel Gun Strike: CS Shooting Wars
  • Cops N Robbers
  • Mad GunZ
  • Pixel Destruction: 3D Battle Royale
  • Pixel Danger Zone
  • Pixel Apocalypse: Infection Begin


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