Windows 11 Review: Everything You Know About Microsoft’s New System

Microsoft’s new operating system has similarities to Windows 10X and minimalist design; see what is already known about Windows 11

The Windows 11 should be officially announced by Microsoft at an event next Thursday (24). After the leak of supposed screenshots made by a Baidu user, a build of the system for developers, available for download, appeared on the web. The new interface exhibits a simpler and more minimalist design, much like that of the recently canceled Windows 10X.

Among the main features of Windows 11 are the centralized “Start Menu”, a new way to manage windows, revamped icons, desktop widgets, wallpapers for light and dark modes, and greater connectivity with the Xbox. Check out what is already known and what to expect from Microsoft’s new system below.

Desktop and visual

For both light and dark modes, the wallpapers of the new Windows 11 do not fail to draw attention because they are vivid and fluid-looking images. Remember that the design of the new operating system features windows with rounded corners, which are also present in the Start Menu.

Another significant design change is the Windows logo, which changes from a trapeze-like shape to a square, like the Microsoft logo itself. In addition, system icons and startup sound have also been refreshed.

Start Menu and Taskbar

Previously arranged on the left side of the screen, the fixed program icons now occupy the center of the taskbar in a layout reminiscent of macOS, but the user can return it to the left through the settings. The search bar is also different: it went from a large rectangle to a small magnifying glass icon in the taskbar, which opens a floating window for typing in the desired program.

On the Start Menu, the feature “Live Tiles”, or Dynamic Tiles, was removed from the system to make way for a direct hierarchy of applications with static icons. There’s also a list of recommended apps and documents, based on the user’s recent activity.

window management

Windows 11 also included new controls for maximizing and minimizing windows, called “Fancy Zones”. With them, it is possible to place application windows or browsers in square or rectangular zones along with the screen just by hovering over the restore size button. The feature is an update to the cascade mode, which already existed in previous versions.


The bottom bar also has a widget icon. By clicking on it, an updates panel is opened so that the user can post news on various subjects, stock market charts, weather forecasts, and even the sports championship scoreboard.

According to the specialized website Gizmodo, the feature could be a replacement for “Live Tiles”, which incorporated the form of widget and shortcut. The screen that opens takes up much of the left side. The latest Windows 10 update brought a similar panel arranged near the clock.

Hidden Cortana

With the exit of the old search bar, the operating system has also completely removed the Cortana virtual assistant icon from the taskbar. To enable it, you must configure it manually in the computer’s settings menu. The change could be associated with complaints from users about the assistant’s limitations in relation to others present in the market.

Other resources

In April of this year, the company said it was working on an update to the Microsoft Store, but it still can’t see any significant changes to the app. One of the changes could be the inclusion of any Windows software such as browsers and third-party trading platforms. For gamers, it’s easier to access Xbox Game Pass games, their social networks, and the Xbox store with the new app, which is already integrated with Windows 11.


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