Windows 93: curious website simulates fun version of Microsoft’s system

Windows 10 is already underway, but a group of developers decided to create a unique version of the system Microsoft for the Internet. It’s Windows 93, a fun parody of Windows 95 that makes several references to striking elements of the world’s most popular computer operating system, Microsoft. Check out the main features and games of this game.

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Windows 93 is a humorous joke with the old Microsoft systems (Photo: Reproduction/Elson de Souza)

The startup

When opening the Windows 93 page, the application simulates the startup of old Microsoft systems. Initially, data about the user’s “hardware” are displayed, and, soon after, the famous Windows loading screen appears. Finally, on the desktop, a login sound is emitted and the user has access to a system desktop to use the fun and colorful “Win 93” applications.

In general, the system usage is very similar to that of Microsoft, being possible to open a fully functional program with two clicks, maximize the window, minimize, and, of course, close. In addition, you can use the taskbar to switch between applications and also the classic Start menu.


Windows 93:

Despite its name, this application simulates Microsoft’s System Command Prompt. To get started, the user can type “Help” followed by entering to have access to all available commands.

Cat Explorer:

This is the Windows 93 browser. Its home page is the DuckDuckGo search engine, which works similarly to Google, but with the promise of not tracking user data from searches.

Despite having an address bar, the browser is not able to access other sites like on its own. For this, it is necessary to search for the site before in the search engine and click on the result.

There are even some folders with links to websites created with puns and funny jokes. However, they are all in English and the user must have knowledge of the language to understand them.


As the name suggests, it is a version of Windows Explorer, a program used to search and manage files. Unfortunately, the program is not useful and its joke is due to the reference to the character Dora Aventureira (The Explorer, in English).

Poney Jockey:

This is not a useful program for those who access Win 93, but just a joke that promises to give the system a psychedelic tone. People with epilepsy should not use this option. According to the app’s description, it is capable of “opening the gates of hell”, when it comes to design.

LSDJ and Nanoloop:

Reference to the program of the same name, with which the user can create music on the computer. The same happens with Nanoloop, another famous program from the 90s that works with sounds


Design application similar to Microsoft, with the difference of being entirely 8-bit; it’s fun worth the test.


Useless application, which makes reference to old wallpapers from Microsoft; a gallery of memories.


Small Pokémon emulator, fully playable, but with a poor quality image (old school).

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Virtual PC:

Simulates a virtual machine running Windows 93 software within the system’s own emulation.


Simulates old Windows speech (voice command) systems. In it, the user can type a word for the computer to speak. Unfortunately, there is no support for the Portuguese.

Star Wars.avi:

It refers to the Windows Easter Egg with which it was possible to run the Star Wars movie in the Command Prompt.

Doctor Marburg:

An antivirus that asks the user several questions, including the credit card, as a humorous way to eliminate viruses.


Remember the close buttons on annoying Internet pop-ups? This app will make your Windows 93 full of them.

Virtual Girl:

It puts a virtual woman on the Windows 93 taskbar. This is a reference to old programs that were of no use, but that was successful in the last decade.


You close one window and two appear in place. The only way to stop this is to restart the system.

Arena 93:

A game that makes reference to the old Microsoft rest screen that simulates a maze and can be played.


A famous Solitaire game that comes with older versions of Windows.


Remember Windows Disk Defragmenter? In Windows 93, it is the famous snake game, which became known from Nokia cell phones.

Totally not a virus. Trust me… im a dolphin:

It’s a “virus” that tries to disguise itself in Windows 93 with a dolphin icon but causes your files and screen to melt in front of you.

Glitch Grrrlz, Clavardage, Blox, Zkype, Matrix, Pukedata, Manifesto, Framapad, Acid Box 93, Game of Life: These last ones are applications without any functionality, but that refer to some old or famous software, besides games. It’s worth playing with them all if you have time.

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